As a responsible supplier we recognise the importance of addressing global environmental issues, and the need to implement and develop sustainable methods of working and practices.

We all understand major changes are needed to reduce CO2 emissions, our carbon footprint and impact on the environment. It means behaving differently, adopting new policies and practices, so that what we do today leads to a brighter future.


Principal have identified and implemented a series of measures, and are working further to measure offsetting and achieve net zero reduction targets.


ISO 14001

To demonstrate our commitment to high levels of environmental performance we maintain certification against ISO 14001 which is the gold standard for environmental management. ISO 14001 provides a framework for us to set environmental improvement objectives, ensure compliance to environmental legislation and monitor our performance.


Sustainable mailing

We are always looking for ways in which to make our mailings more sustainable for the benefit of the environment, our clients and our own operations. We have made a number of significant steps towards this goal.

  • Paperwrap

    We have invested in paperwrap technology which eliminates the use of plastic in mailings, providing a fully recyclable package.

  • Starch

    As an alternative to paperwrap and plastic, we also have in house capability to allow clients to choose starch for their enclosures. Starch is made from plant products and is biodegradable.

  • Paper

    We are committed to responsible forest management and assuring our clients that the forest  owners in our supply chain are certified to comply with the internationally recognised Sustainability Benchmark. We strive to source paper which has Forest Stewardship Council certification or PEFC status. This gives our clients the option to choose paper that has been sourced in an environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner

  • In house printing

    To reduce emissions associated with transportation and distribution, we have and continue to invest significantly in new equipment, allowing us to provide a one stop shop solution. We are also operate from a prime centralised UK location, reducing transport miles for goods sourced externally.

  • Recycling

    We have well established processes to segregate waste streams to maximise recycling.


Environmental Policy

We have outlined our commitment to being an environmentally friendly and sustainable business in our Environmental Policy. This guides our ISO 14001 system and environmental performance.

Emissions and our net zero journey

We recognise the critical role greenhouse gas emissions are playing in global warming and the pressing need for all organisations to act now. We are actively working towards making immediate cuts in emissions with the goal of becoming a net zero organisation.

  • Renewable Energy

    We source 100% of our electricity from renewable energy sources. This saves over 34 tonnes of CO2 emissions*
    (*based upon Principal Mailing 2021 electricity usage and the UK Governments GHG Conversion Factors for Company Reporting 2021)

  • Monitoring emissions

    We monitor our carbon emissions and are using 2021 as our benchmark year. We are committed to considering sustainability and emissions in organisational decisions to consistently reduce our emissions.