Booking in and warehouse opening hours

Deliveries can be made between 7am and 5pm Monday to Friday. Any deliveries that are 2 pallets or less do not have to be booked in although a courtesy call is appreciated. Deliveries that are more than 2 pallets need to be booked in on 01604434991 at least 24 hours before intended delivery.

Principal Mailing Solutions reserve the right to refuse any deliveries should any material not be booked in with a reference.

Delivery Notes

All Deliveries must be accompanied by a detailed delivery note which must be signed by a member of Principal Mailing Solutions Staff. Delivery notes must show the following information.

  • Number of Pallets
  • Total quantity
  • Product Description
  • Customer Name
  • Version Number and Code as necessary

Packing and Labelling

All deliveries should be palletised unless single boxes. All pallets should be a maximum size of 1200 x 1000 and whilst we do not have a particular height restriction, we advise no pallet should be more than 1.2m high. All boxes and pallets must be labelled on one short and one long edge, and they must be labelled with the following information:

  • Number of pallets in the consignment
  • Product Description
  • Customer name
  • Version number and code where applicable
  • Quantity on pallet
  • Quantity in box – Where applicable

Pallets should be interleaved between each layer to avoid crushing, pallets should also be shrink wrapped securely. Principal Mailing Solutions reserve the right to refuse damaged stock/boxes or tipped pallets that have not been secured appropriately for transport.

For Bulk packed and unboxed product, in addition to the above pallet requirements, pallets should have rigid corner protectors and pallet covers on top of each pallet.


Magazines must be turned no smaller than turns of 25’s, leaflets are to be packed in turns no smaller than 50mm. We will not accept shrinkwrapped bundles however we will accept bundles that are strapped or with elastic bands.

Insert specification guidelines

Insert specs vary hugely, but below are some guidelines on how to supply, and things to check before supplying bulk to us.

  • All inserts must have a leading edge.

Note: If leading edge is the short edge, it is important that Principal Mailing Solutions receive and review a sample to check a mechanical feed will be possible.

  • Items must be no larger than the trim size of the magazine they are wrapped with.

Note: This can be discussed and agreed separately but must be reviewed on an issue-by-issue basis.

  • Samples of thicker / heavier items should be supplied to the Principal Mailing Solutions prior to mailing so that insertion method (mechanical, hand feed etc) can be fully confirmed, and associated costs agreed.
  • Samples of odd shapes and specs should be supplied to Principal Mailing Solutions so that insertion method (mechanical, hand feed etc) can be fully confirmed, and associated costs agreed.


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