Hand Work Service

For the rare jobs that are not suitable for or flexible enclosing lines, we have an army of highly skilled hand workers available. If the quantity of items is very low or you need to enclose unusual, large or bulky items, we can exceed your expectations with a fast and hassle-free service.

Our hand workers are extremely experienced and can quickly and accurately enclose packs with any number and format of inserts, including matching when needed. Our quality control on hand work is extremely thorough so you can rest assured that your mailing is always enclosed with the same level of accuracy that our machines afford.

Hand-Fulfilment Specialists: We turn around complicated projects quickly

Principal Mailing has decades of experience handling hand-fulfilment projects. Whether you require several hundred odd-shaped mailings to be boxed, or need 500,000 items requiring glue-dotting, multiple cross-matching and envelope insertion, our skilled hand workers will deliver a service that’s reliable, fast and flexible. Having developed long-standing partnerships with organisations of all sectors and sizes, we boost agility for businesses owners, marketing managers and their teams.

A virtually limitless assembly process

Not every ambitious advertising campaign or pioneering product launch will be a good match for automation, and we understand how critical it is for marketing and sales teams to “think outside the box” and develop campaigns that positively influence enquiries, conversions and sales. We’re committed to helping you achieve your goals, so you don’t have to be bound by the size restrictions that come with enclosing lines. No matter how captivating or complex your marketing campaigns, promotional items or communications may be, our talented team is “on hand” to collate and pack any number of items. Below are just a few of our most popular hand-fulfilment services:

  • Foam-dot fixings
  • Glue-dotting
  • Inserting promotional items
  • Bellybanding
  • Finishing
  • Folding
  • Inserts to exact pages
  • Pack-making/assembly
  • Relabelling
  • Remedial and Rectification of items

Tell us about your needs

Our comprehensive hand work service is completely tailored to our clients’ needs, so whether you require a rapid turnaround for some non-standard items, we have the right people to hand pack your multi-item mailout, with proven processes that guarantee precision. Depending on the number of mailings and turnaround time required, the work involved can be enormous, requiring a lot of people and a great deal of space, but having grown considerably over the years, we’re able to provide the complete solution. This goes beyond packing with speed and accuracy; we can also provide data processing, printing, transport and postage, ensuring your campaigns are optimised for success – firing on all fronts.

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To discuss your bespoke hand-work or mailing needs, please call our friendly team today or send us a message and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

Request your quote, or speak to a member of our team by calling 01604 434991 / email: [email protected].