High Volume Publication & Subscription Magazine Mailing Service

Times are changing. At Principal Mailing Solutions, we understand the pressures of delivering quality published content to paying subscribers, on time, and with low overheads. Even though there is a wide range of news and content available online, subscription services are still seeing positive performance, with more people demanding high-quality content from trusted sources.

We have built a solid reputation serving many publishers over the years, offering a quality end-to-end contracted service, from monthly deliveries of 1,000 packs to millions of magazines wrapped and delivered annually. We provide the level of trust a business needs to expand its subscription services and boost readership figures. 

Monthly Subscription Magazine Mailing

Whether your publication’s editions are released weekly, monthly or annually, subscription services are all about trust. Getting the product printed and delivered to your reader’s door on time, every time, is our top priority. We have experience in shifting large volumes of mail to a huge list of subscribers across the UK.

If your business is offering a monthly subscription magazine, Principal Mailing will work closely with you to make sure the magazines are delivered on time, to the right door, and in excellent condition. We offer a range of services alongside our mailing, including print and wrapping – at competitive mailing prices. If you’re looking for a total mailing solution, please contact a member of the Principal Mailing team today. When we have an understanding on your goals, the challenges you face and the services you require, we can provide a truly tailored solution that drives performance.

High-Volume Publication Mailing

Our services are based on your needs as a business. Whether this is a new venture or you already have an established list of 100,000 subscribers, our experience in the industry means we can offer consultation on the best delivery methods and secure fantastic prices in a competitive market. We’re able to react rapidly to changes in your schedule, and can even handle your subscriber data, manage consumables to feature with subscription packages, and arrange collection plans. We’re also happy to offer a personalised service with round-the-clock support from our team based in the heart of Northampton.

Total Mail Solutions

In addition to ensuring your subscription packages are delivered on time, we can offer complete mail solutions, covering laser printing, envelope packaging, and loyalty card fixing to the front of mail packages. Whether you’re sending out a few hundred packages a month or shifting huge volumes of high-end content to targeted readership lists, Principal Mailing Solutions is here to help. Feel free to take a look at our list of services or contact a member of our team today for a free consultation over the phone. We’re more than happy to chat about the industry, your options, and how to optimise your printing and mailing needs.

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