Paper Wrapping Service

With a focus on flexibility, speed and sustainability, Principal Mailing Solutions is pleased to provide paper wrapping mailing solutions. As part of the shift towards biodegradable polywrap made from potato starch, we’ve also seen a rise in paper wrapping, which is a relatively new eco-friendly solution. We are one of the very few direct mail companies to provide this eco-friendly and recyclable plastic alternative. There is a multitude of reasons why paper wrapping is a go-to solution for businesses of all sizes:

  • It is cost-efficient for high volume and large letter mailings –especially when compared to full-colour envelopes
  • Supports the zero-plastic movement
  • 100% recyclable
  • Ideal for significant postage savings
  • Virtually unlimited printing opportunities on the outer wrap
  • Strong, reliable and able to withstand the rigours of postal mailing
  • Paper wrapping from the reel – 100% recyclable with a high-end finish

Paper wrap is undoubtedly less harmful to our planet than the plastic poly wrap, whilst it is eligible for Royal Mail’s (cost-effective) Mailmark® service. With a distinctive, high-end finish, it is proving to be extremely beneficial in terms of making a positive impression, driving engagement, with plenty of personalised insertion capabilities and outer design possibilities. Whether you’re looking to utilise paper wrapping to modernise your mailings, minimise your carbon footprint or generate more conversions, Principal Mailing Solutions can work closely with you, utilising our decades of experience to handle all aspects of your direct mail projects.

Seeking a swift, robust, non-plastic and eco-friendly solution?

Paper wrap has made waves in the world of publishing, particularly for commercial markets, with many major publications making the switch from polywrapping to paper wrapping. Many of our partners have found that this eco-friendly alternative saves them considerable sums in postage costs compared to polywrap, which is generally more difficult to process through Royal Mail machines. It also presents a perfect opportunity to consolidate mailings with numerous items combined in one pack, thanks to our high-speed paper wrapping machines.

Principal Mailing Solutions: A firm favourite for flexibility and fast turnaround times

Paper wrapping is in its infancy, so very few companies in the UK currently provide this environmentallyfriendly direct mailing solution. With Principal Mailing, you’re guaranteed rapid timescales, meticulous attention to detail and a high-quality service from start to finish. Whether you require paper wrapping for your magazines, brochures, booklets or other direct mail items, we can give you access to more customisation options with a paper wrap, whilst helping you decrease your impact on the environment. Paper wrapping is just one of the many solutions we provide. Our knowledgeable, experienced and friendly team covers all aspects of direct mail, from data management and cleansing to printing, fulfilment (automated and hand work), postage and transport – all under one roof. Every one of our partners has a dedicated account manager to see each job through from start to finish, delivering a close and personal service to provide flexible, targeted, cost-effective and measurable campaigns.

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