Data Cleansing & Processing Service

Cleansed data works harder and smarter for your business, especially when you can count on a refined database of active, qualified and accurate customers and prospects who have a genuine interest in your brand and the value you can provide. Principal Mailing can manage all aspects of data cleansing and processing. With our carefully selected, industry-leading partners, we can offer full data hygiene solutions, including:

  • Checking against the Postcode Address File (PAF)
  • Checking against the Mailing Preference Service (MPS)
  • Extensive de-duplication
  • Deceased screening
  • Goneaway screening
  • Segmenting to ISO: 27001 standards
  • GDPR compliance
  • Fully accredited with Mailmark®

Create targeted campaigns with clean data

Our goal is to ensure your data is always targeting the right recipients. Once your data is clean and fit for purpose. We help companies big and small benefit from the very best postal discounts, and accurate data has a huge role to play in this regard. We were firmly positioned at the forefront of the direct mail world when Royal Mail introduced Mailmark®. As a result, we were one of the first mailing houses in the country to be fully accredited for Mailmark® with all existing postal providers.

Once your data is clean, sorted and ready for the chosen provider, we use our powerful document composition software to set your personalised items ready for production. From simple carriers to complex variable letters, there’s nothing our DP department can’t do. Once you are happy with our proofs, we do any relevant checks for postal service requirements and commence personalisation.

The success of your delivery starts with data

The success of your direct mail campaign is only as effective as the data planning and management. Many brands put in a great deal of time, money and effort perfecting artwork, which will, of course, have a meaningful impact on the results of a campaign, but without the right data, it’s impossible to achieve the best return on investment. We can manage lists of any scale, ensuring all information is free from errors and duplication.

  • Increase campaign responses
  • Create GDPR compliant direct mail campaigns
  • Making communications more relevant for your audience
  • Improve marketing efficiency
  • Boost sales
  • Maximise RO

Data management is critical to success, however, there are many other ways in which you can reduce your overall direct mailing costs whilst improving performance. With leading-edge technology and an experienced team, we can provide the ‘complete’ direct mail solution, from data cleansing and management to printing, envelope enclosing, polywrapping, paper wrapping, transactional mail, postage, hand fulfilment and transport. Whether you require an end-to-end service for your marketing campaigns, magazine mailings or confidential financial mail pieces, we can make your mail work harder and smarter.

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